Long Tail Keywords and Your Dental Practice

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Navigating Online Visibility for Your Dental Practice with Long Tail Keywords

Boosting your dental practice's online visibility is vital in attracting new customers. While utilising generic keywords such as “cavity fillings” or “wisdom tooth x-rays” can aid patients in finding you, it's long tail keywords that truly give your online presence the most significant lift.

For a detailed discussion on implementing a digital marketing strategy for your dental practice using long tail keywords, feel free to call us and speak with one of our strategists at Dental Marketing Company. You can also continue reading to gain more insights.

Distinguishing Between Regular and Long Tail Keywords

Regular keywords, such as “dentist richmond surrey,” aim to attract customers to your dental practice. They are often broader and generic, providing basic information and yielding a wide array of search results. Without a specified location, these keywords can generate results from anywhere globally.

Although regular keywords can drive traffic to your dental practice's website, they might not do so in the most efficient manner. This is due to the competition over these keywords, as most dental practices in your vicinity are likely using the same ones. These keywords can also be service-related, like "cavity fillings," "fluoride treatment," or "teeth whitening."

Long tail keywords, on the other hand, hold the potential to drive the most valuable traffic to your website. These are detailed words and phrases directly associated with your services and location. They're typically longer and more specific than regular keywords, and while they might seem overly specific at times, specificity is key in this case.

Though fewer people are searching these ultra-detailed terms, resulting in lesser traffic, the users who do search for them are more likely to convert. Examples of long tail keywords could be “teeth whitening in [your city]” or “how much do porcelain veneers cost in [your city].”


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