How to Speed Up Your Dental Clinic’s Site

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Did you include the words “improving my dental clinic’s site” in your New Year’s Resolution? If you did, then you are on the right track. To keep up with the trend and your competitors, pay attention to these two important tips to let your site rise this 2018.

Mobile Page Speed

It’s been continuously said how important a site’s loading speed is. This year though, it must comply with the growing use of mobile internet. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is encouraging site owners to provide fast user experience, by making it a requirement for improving a site’s ranking. If you find your dental site unresponsive or slow when it comes to mobile queries, then it’s about time you take action. The “Speed Update” (as Google calls it) is expected to go live in July 2018. If you want an accurate report on your site’s speed, note that one test is not enough to know the general results.

·         Choose a reliable server. Know what’s included and excluded in their packages. Since we’re asking for more traffic, find out what their bandwidth limits are because you might end up stunned when you find additional payment in your bills. Most importantly, review other site’s speed that uses the same server, to know if the hosting will work for your dental clinic site.

·         Reduce response size with compression. Heavyweight slows us down, even on the web. You can use online tests to figure out if your page is compressed or not.

·         Review your reference URLs and minimize them. If you use one redirect, make sure that it serves the content a purpose.

·         Fix broken links immediately to reduce errors.

·         And yes, those images that show what perfect teeth look like? You can also compress them and remove the excess comments that come with it.

Update Your SEO Strategies

If you’re already receiving a lot of organic traffic through your SEO efforts, then you’re worth congratulating because that seriously takes a lot of time and patience. Hopefully, your efforts are keeping up with what search engines are asking for, this year. Always check your monthly reports and see where the results are taking you. If you notice a continuous fluctuation in numbers, then it’s time to double your efforts and consider a new strategy.

Aside from providing useful and relevant content, we have to take notice that videos are becoming more and more vital when it comes to digital marketing. By embedding your YT videos on your site, you’re giving your audience a choice in what kind of content they can view, since a lot of them will look forward to watching videos that will interestingly display information about your brand and services. Your audience will likely stay longer on your page if you are giving them easy-to-understand answers for their dental questions. Publishing videos on YouTube make it easier for people to find you as well. These videos will also be considered when it comes to your site’s ranking. Basically, if you’re capable of using more than one platform, then you should do it now.



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