Guidelines for Successful Dental SEO Audit

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SEO auditing is an essential thing for understanding the performance of the site and the problems that plague it. With a proper audit, the loopholes can be established and worked on. There are certain important points that are usually concentrated on. This results in the overlooking of the other factors that can be equally important for successful auditing. Often it happens that the common things end up causing a lot of problem and yet they are overlooked in the basic audit.

·         The Status: One usually ends up neglecting the status. But, it is important to check that status on a regular basis. There may be different redirects that may pose a problem to web site. There is a Chrome plugin that can be used to check the code of status and the redirects that may be happening.

·         Duplicate Pages: This is another problem that is common but usually neglected. Many people do it in order to get better PR and page rank, but this is an issue of duplicate page. Normally in web site audits checks are made for finding duplicate content, but it is not checked whether the duplicate content is on the same page. This should be checked if you want to get good SEO ranking in an organic way.

·         The Problems Of Domain: You must also check the domain whether it is ‘www.https://’ or ‘https://’.  If you keep all these in your audit list then your SEO campaign will see more success.

·         Check for Odd Pages: Often you may find that various old legacy and conversion pages will come up in the search results. This is nothing uncommon. This is especially true if the page is created in WordPress. Audit it and ensure that these pages are not used for SEO or indexing otherwise the potential customers can come across it the search results and your SEO efforts may go haywire. They can also download for free from your web site.

·         Audit the Site Map: Sometimes outdated site maps can cause a hindrance in your SEO efforts. If the web site redirects to canonical sites, you may face problems with your web site. Site searches can often create various URLs that are not suitable for indexing. Make sure that they are blocked or your efforts will be thwarted.

·         Orphaned Pages: These pages are those that are not connected directly to the site any more. Often it happens that new designs and additions to the site can render some pages as redundant. The pages that are found only on the site map are the orphaned pages. It is important to remove them from indexing as it may divert the viewers.

·         Block the Irrelevant Pages: You may need to block certain pages that are already indexed by Google. This can be difficult but can be done with the help of robots.txt, index tag or X robots tag. You can do it effectively by consulting with developers and using the best option for your particular pages or site.

Use these tips and you will see a more effective result. Do you want to learn more about Black hat SEO and how it can harm your rankings? 



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