How many Keywords Can I target or Rank for?

We don't have a cap to the number of keywords you can target. We recommend a set of goal driven targets to give you the best return of your investment. We will also be considerate of your budget, search volume and overall competitiveness of your keywords.

There are so many SEO companies around, why should we choose you?

We have been ranking at the top consistently for the past number of years and our sister company is an award winning SEO company called Lowcostseo, so we breathe SEO for a long time!

Another company is offering more links in the same price?

Dentistseomarketing gives more importance to the quality of the links, not quantity. Post the Google Panda and Penguin updates, one link from a reputable company can improve your search engine rankings compared to hundreds of low-quality links.

Do you have any Set-up Fees?

Nothing at all!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can, just give us a notice a month prior.

Can you help me choose the best keywords?

Yes, our team will analyse and research the best keywords for your dental practice.

Do you undertake any website development for Dental sites?

Yes,we have a specialist web design and development team who can look after all your website needs.

When can I expect page 1 results?

Every business/website is unique, some websites will perform more effectively than others based on niche targets, competitors, content or existing authority your site may hold.